Help with angles


I couldn't think of any where else to ask, an since there's some EXTREMELY talented builders here,I was hoping someone could enlighten me (although several yrs of schooling couldn't lol).. I'm trying to build a fixed rack with 1 1/4" square on my 101 an was wanting something different. I understand a 45degree an 45 makes a 90 but if I put a 30 degree cut ,what would I need to make that 90,hopefully that makes sense before I wastes a lot of $$$



Just subtract the 30 from 90 in other words a 60 degree cut?
This works to create 90°, but the cut surfaces wont be the same surface area. Nothing precisely wrong with that, just be prepared for fit-up and extra work if fully covering the joint is wanted.


I think you want to do a 15 degree cut to make a 30 degree joint. The next cut would be 30 degree to make a 60 degree joint. 15+15+30+30 = 90