Help with Electrical on trailer


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I am planning to purchase a new offroad trailer next year and am a real newbie when it comes to electrical. I plan to use the onboard A/C with a genny but also plan to have 160 watt solar panel which the trailer is pre-wired for(Zamp). As far as electrical use, it would mostly be charging phones, my wife using her laptop, and possible use of a 12v tv/dvd combo. I would like some type of battery monitoring system. The equipment listed is kind of vague. What questions should I be asking and what is missing for my needs? Suggested upgrades? I will be taking this trailer down the beach for 3-4 days fishing trips in South Texas.

Here is the electrical listed from the manufacturer:

30 amp Electrical Service with Gel Battery
USB, 12v, and multiple 120v Electircal Outlets
Pre-wired for Low Profile Roof Mounted AC
7-way Plug with Battery Charge Line


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You could upgrade your solar controller. Some models have a display for all the functions. Amp/volts. When the batt. is at 10.5 V it its exhausted.


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Are you sure its a Gel type and not AGM? It most every application AGM or flooded is superior to Gel.

What size in AH is the battery? Brand?

At a minimum you need an accurate volt meter wired in somewhere. A decent battery monitor can be had for 150-200$. You may not need one if your power needs are modest, and you get regular shore power charging.

Does the trailer have a battery charger, or at least a 120V-12V converter? If not you may want to pick up one and wire it in. That way you can get charging when you are running your generator for AC.

The power needs listed are pretty modest, especially with no DC fridge. Assuming you have LED lighting in the trailer, a 160W panel should be sufficient.

As a note many chargers (despite the labels and marketing) are not suitable for properly charging some or all lead acid types. You should get the specs for the solar, and any shore power chargers, and compare them to the batteries published charge profile. Many will prematurely stop charging, and result in a battery that is dead well before its time.


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Gel is what it says on the VRV website. What I listed is copied and pasted off of the site. I'm not sure what 30 amp electrical service includes so I sent an email to ask. Do you have a recommendation for a converter to use?


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30 amp electrical means it comes with a fuse box that has a 30A main fuse, and a couple sub fuses for the outlets and aircon pre-wiring.. It will have a DC converter in it, probably 35A or something close to that.

If your going to be running a generator or on mains power constantly for the AirCon, you'll find the solar panel and battery to be mostly useless..

dont over think this, get the trailer.. take it out, figure out what you need to upgrade from experience.. no need installing an expensive battery, battery monitor and solar charger if you cant go out without using your AirCon regularly.


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It may not have a converter . If it doesn't progressive dynamics makes a few inexpensive units which are suitable for your type of application. The size depends on your batteries capacity.


Confirm everything with VRV but.... it doesn't come with a solar controller. You will need to add one. Solar ready means there is an SAE plug on the driver side of the trailer. It does have shore power so if plugged in the 110 outlets will work as well as AC. Mine doesn't have AC and I hate generators so I can't help you in those areas.

The battery is a deep cycle AGM from Napa or at least it used to be. I think it is around 75ah but again ask.

There is no fuse block. Just individual fuses. There is no inverter (if you didn't want to use 110 to power a laptop, etc. These are easy to add. There is plenty of room inside of the trailers to add these type of things. I have added a few power ports, etc and opted to put in my own Bluesea Fuse block. I would suggest asking VRV specific questions in the VRV thread I started.

Everything else you asked is generic and great for here there. Hope that helps.