Hey all, gt a new laptop need recommendations


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Nice laptop. I had a similar version of that, but with the Intel i5 and it was their corporate fleet version... killer reliable. If you have Bluetooth on that (I didn't check the specs) the Dual GPS BT pucks are really good. I have one that I use with my Dell tablet for nav (Android) and it works very well.


Brilliant little device and if you connect it with USB to your laptop it will essentially run forever! I love mine, it picks up GPS satellites quickly and seems to track well even under partial coverage.

As far as GPS mapping and logging for Windows, that is a good question? I have only ever used Android and more specifically apps for phones/tabs? I use Backcountry Navigator... but there is no Windows Version (too bad). I have a friend who uses Google Earth, and uses a similar GPS puck, you can download maps offline and you get a LOT of detail out of that...but they are pretty huge as I recall?

Check out this link too... might be useful?


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I am going to recommend a newer app which is geared for hunters called ONX maps


I compared it to all the others for accuracy here in the Olympic mountains and ruled. It has been a total game changer for me. One of the struggles here is the amount of DNR land and the access to maps. Onx nails it where nobody else could. Its primary purpose is to identify land ownership for hunters. Kind of scary how much public information has been compiled by these guys.I absolutely love it.
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Greg Splett, I'm new to the PNW at the bottom of the Olympic Pen in Grays Harbor and I'm having a tough time find access to off road trails in this area. Sorry but I don't know what DNR stands for but does that program show open trails and access points for the Olympic Pen? I don't hunt anymore but still like off roading and camping. Hope you can help! Thanks, Jim.