Highway 1 Trip


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Hi guys, long time reader, first time poster! My wife and I are moving back to Washington in the next week and along the way up we will be doing some camping along the coast! Super excited to check out some national parks and just see new things. We are staying first at the RedWoods National Forest and then working our way up to Cape Lookout in OR. Any recommendations or attractions to check out would be rad! We have two dogs with us too so may be limited. Cannot wait to be back in the PNW breathing that fresh air :) We are building up our Mitsubishi Outlander Sport to be a mild overlanding rig. I'll get some pics up soon on a new thread.


I've done a few legs of Hwy 1 in Ca. Fort Bragg is always a go-to stopover. I'm also a yoooge fan of Muder, She Wrote, so a stop in Mendocino is obligatory.

Further Up where 101 and 1 meet is The Lost Coast. You can have an awesome day hike or backpacking trip out there, if that's your thing.

Eureka has this wild shave ice shop called Vampire Penguin that's worth a visit. The mango flavor is phenomenal.

Finally, past Eureka, I like to hit CA-96: the Bigfoot Scenic Highway. Last trip out, we headed into Six Rivers National Forest via 96 at night, stayed at Oak Bottom, near Somes Bar, then headed west to Fern Canyon via a cool old dirt track. Fern Canyon is a great stop where they filmed some scenes from Jurassic Park: The Lost World.

When I get home, I'll see if I can pull up any of my GPS tracks off my Earthmate and get you a map.


The Lost Coast is awesome. Or at least it was 30 years ago. Been meaning to get back ever since. I think we were at Sinkoyne Wilderness Park, but it looked like there was a lot in that area to see. Also, a bit inland is the small town of Lewiston; which was a nice place to visit.


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Just completed the trip! We left Phoenix and made it to Sacramento. From Sacramento we stopped and camped in the Redwoods at Del Norte Camp Ground at Mill Creek. From there we headed to Oregon and made our second camp trip at Cape Lookout. Tons of great things to see and do. The Tillamook Cheese factory was awesome along with all the killer beaches and small port towns.