Hino Ranger


Does anyone know any details about the HINO Ranger 4x4 medium duty trucks? Circa 1992? Reliability, power, 4x4 capability, etc?

Thank you!



Hino is a division of Toyota, and builds commercial trucks and diesel engines for much of the rest of the world. Hino trucks are still sold in the US, so you might go to the dealer with the VIN of the truck you are looking at and ask about parts availability for older vehicles.

If I had to guess, I would say they are typical Toyota, stone cold reliable for hundreds of thousands of miles, thanks in part, to a very detuned engine, an overbuilt chassis and quite simple architecture on a truck that old.


After doing a little digging and finding a curb weight of 5000kgs and a gvm of 13000 (for the hino 500, I'm assuming they'd be close). Pay load of 8k/kgs is pretty darn promising.

Obviously the older models specs will be different but those are still very good numbers. Canadians can get up to 2004 so we're lucky in that regard.