Home made flip pac.

Hi everyone, my names marty. Im a new member to expedition portal.

I want to share my rig. I have a 2015 Toyota Tacoma. With my home made flip pac. I’m in the process of building out the interior. Would love advice and questions.

Flip pac.
1 inch square stock steel welded up shell.

Flip pac cap I bought from a broken full size camper came with a completely broken campershell so I had to start from scratch.

The sides are 1/4 inch plywood with 3 layers of cloth fiberglass. And painted white

4 heavy duty welded mounts that attach to the Tacoma’s track system in the bed. 8 bolts total.


Awesome re-do! The FlipPac although a very great design suffered from a lot of quality control issues... looks like you went way above and beyond - nice :)

Hard to tell, using torsion bar or just hinge bolts?


You should get into the Flippac refurb business. For the interior, I did what most did with a U shaped series of cabinets with the fridge at the front, by the tailgate, toilet in the back, and action packers in the middle.