Honda Super Cub returns in 2019


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Celebrating 60 years of production, Honda has announced that the Super Cub will return to USA in 2019. Specs here:

The basic Super Cub design has been in production since 1958. Honda has sold more that 100 million Super Cubs worldwide, making it the single most popular motorized vehicle model in history. Honda sold various models of the Super Cub in USA from 1960 through the 1980s.

The half scooter/half motorcycle design, advertised with the famous “you meet the nicest people on a Honda” slogan, may seem like a strange choice for mention on ExPo. However, many people have successfully taken the reliable little bikes on long distance rides in primitive conditions, including Alaska to Argentina, London to Sydney, and round-the-world. The Super Cub may not be your choice, but that doen’t mean it cant’t be done.

The current Super Cub looks superficially like the 1960 model, but it’s thoroughly modernized. The electric-start 125cc overhead cam engine is fuel injected and uses a muffler with catalytic converter to meet emissions standards. Other feature include disc brakes front and rear with ABS standard, semi-automatic four speed transmission, cast 17 inch wheels with tubeless tires, LED lights, even a remote start key fob.

The 2019 Honda Super Cub will cost $3600 plus $150 delivery charge. Delivery starts in Spring 2019.
Oh hell yeah.....already talked to boss (wife) and going to order the Monkey! I've been wanting one of these since I was 10 years old!

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Ok....I'm waiting.....also, waiting for the first people/gear companies to produce panniers, skid plates, long range tanks, riding gear and go-pro production videos of living off this bike for a year?????.......I'll take care of the textile gear....lmao!...Seriously, still waiting.
Update: So, I stopped by the Honda dealership in Boulder this morning to see if they've received any Monkies yet. Nope. They advised some should show up by the end of the month but they've all either been purchased or deposits placed on the remainder of the ordered inventory so they may not have any to sell. I left my name and number to give me a call once they come in just to look at one to make sure it'll work for our needs (two up and mounted on the back of our Tiger) If it'll work, I'll wait for the next shipment to come in since I'm not going to get into a bidding war on a $3900 bike with a CU kid with his moms CC or a new Google employee since they're new HQ is opening up. I did look at a Grom and a fat tire retro Suzuki that we're both interesting......we'll see.
Another Update: "When something is too hard maybe it's not meant too be", I never received a call from my local Honda dealership in Boulder, so last week while I was down the mountain I swung by to see if they had received any Monkies (they were to call me back in December upon arrival). Well hell, the dealership had closed its Boulder location, never notified anyone, and moved it's southern Denver location. Crap. So, now to visit a Honda dealership I have an hour drive either north (Ft. Collins) or southern Denver. Maybe this summer I'll pack a lunch, hop on my KLR and make a day of it. Cheers.