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So after getting the name of the manufacture of the Wild Boar Camp-n-case hard sided roof top tent, I found it rather interesting, and decided to look into it a bit more. I've always wanted a hard shelled tent, and figured that in addition to James Baroud, Autohome and CVT that this would be another option. Now, when looking at other sites (on their tent products), they have lots of info on the various selling points of their product. Weight, size, mattress specs (to some extent), breath-ability, as well as whatever else they think is relevant. You can also usually find videos of the setup/take down (either on the site, or else where (online, youtube, etc), inside and whatever else.

Here's the tent in question. Wild Boar Camper Case. However, the name I received was Wild Boar RTT - which is likely why I couldn't find jack **** about it online.


So first thing I did when I found out the name was to find their site. Took a bit, but I eventually found what they had - which honestly wasn't much. They say something about pillows and a mattress, interior lighting kits, quick setup time (20 seconds), roof rack, power plugs from vehicle battery and light weight weather-proof nylon tent. Then below the picture they talk about the features on how it's built. Okay, it's a start right? They hit the high points, and talk it up. But no where on their site is anything specific about the tent. I couldn't find the price, more info on the power to the tent, what weight the tents roof rack can support, or much of anything else. Disappointing but not the end of the world.

So I go to youtube and see what I can find out about how the setup/take down is. All I could find was 3 videos. 1 that was 60 seconds about Wild Boar, but noting about their specific products. 1 from a spectator at the SEMA show, and 1 that's about 3 minutes long, that has maybe 60/70 seconds on this product, but covers a couple of their products.

And that's all I could find. All in all I'm pretty disappointed. So I send an email to the vendor (Wild Boar), expressing my disappointment in how little info they have on their site, and online in general. Now reading it again, perhaps I could have worded it better... but I'd spent a bit of time looking for info on it, and hadn't really gotten anywhere.

Septu said:
On 12/5/2013 12:38 PM, Septu wrote:
It's rather disappointing that the only video I can find of the RTT is A tied in with other Wild Boar products, and B, maybe 60 seconds long, and shows it going up, with a quick shot of the inside.

Nothing on how it goes down, price or much of anything really... Just a suggestion, you'd be well versed to make a 3-5 minute video of this - solely about this product with as much info on it as possible. Everything from the type of pillows/mattress, electrical outlets, spec's on the storage rack (how much can it hold when open) etc.

It looks like an interesting platform, but there's almost no info available to do any research to compare this to something like the CVT or Autohome.

But nothing really prepared me for Paul Leazer's (sales & dealer inquiries) reply.

Paul Leazer said:
So what's your point? Are you the expert advertizing guy? Never even
heard of you before, appreciate the input, we do just fine and are
working on magazine articles. The video was done in house by our web
master. We also have a website, "camper-n-case.com", you can go to. All
I am going to say is we have a unique product that no one offers, a
Camper Case that opens into an automatic tent, as seen on the video. So
for analitical people like you, it's probably not for you. Thanks for
your input.

The link provided doesn't work.

Now, as I said before I probably could have worded my email slightly better. But there's so many more ways they could have handled the reply. Provide a link (that actually works), and suggest I look there and if there's questions, ask away. Or send a brochure/spec sheet or whatever. Instead I get a smart *** reply that is basically a big **** you.

I'm just blown away that this is coming from a sales guy who in theory is suppose to be marketing and selling their products.


That is the funniest response I have ever heard. I guess they sell more product that they can keep up with.



That's incredible.

Did you respond to his response?

Yes. I sent one reply, and decided to leave it at that. While I still think it's an interesting platform, other than price consideration (which apparently is half of the Autohome), it would have been 2nd or 3rd on my list. Price could have bumped it up... but now I'll just go back to the other vendors I've been looking at in the past.

On 12/5/2013 3:09 PM, Septu wrote:
> Yeah after that reply, I guess it's not for me. I'll be sure to inform others of your wonderful customer service. Just an FYI... the website you provided... doesn't work. Good job.
> Jr

On 12/5/2013 3:43 PM, Paul wrote:
> That's ok cause lots of people want our tops, one I see someone
> disespecting all our hard work and efforts, that has no clue what we go
> through to put products on the market, you can call it customer service
> if you like, I call your comments disrespectful. Sorry you feel that way.

> From: Paul Leazer


Had a customer order their Jku hard top with freedom storage and I didn't think the fit was very good. Also it took 3 months to get


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They have always treated me well actually. But I also speak with the owner, who is really just an adventure guy at heart who actually LIKES creating cool mods that are reasonably priced. I have had 3-4 conversations with him, and they have been very enjoyable.


That's some amazing ******* right there. Getting defensive is always the right approach.

Also, the copy on that website reads like it was written by a 14 year old.


Thanks for letting our community know about this. I will definitely stay away from all their products now. I hope I see them at OE next spring.....just might have to mention how impressed I am with Mr. P. Leazer's response. (Impressed in a very negative way)


Wild Boar's customer service is known to be appalling, and their products have serious quality control issues. I would never run any of their products on my rig, especially for the money they charge. At that price, I need a company that is great to deal with and stands behind their products, not some low rent a$$hat on a powertrip responding to emails.


I actually contacted them a few years ago about their roof rack, but quickly abandoned that idea when they'd make no efforts to ship their product to Canada, or work with me in any way to get it across the boarder. I tried explaining that its a made in the USA product, so there's no real forms or anything to fill out. Put my address, fill the customs form (say it's a roof rack, valued at X), and mail it. I would have been happy to pay for the extra shipping (within reason).

I wasn't too worried about that, and was more just looking for info on it. And while I could have (and probably should have) worded my first email better, I'm still blown away at the reply I received. Reply saying I can find out more info here and provide a working link or a pdf and they're golden. I would have continued looking at the product, and examined it on the merits of the product alone, vs the smart *** reply that I did receive. Instead all they did was piss me off.

They might be a great company, but odds are I'll never bother to find out. And sure, I might just be one guy bitching on the internet, and it'll have zero impact on them or their business... On the other hand, with a reply like that I'd be shocked if I was the first person to receive something like that. And if this is any indication of their customer service... then at least there's a record of this somewhere that others can stack up against others experiences.


...I call your comments disrespectful. Sorry you feel that way.

> From: Paul Leazer.

I thought it was the company who was expected to show respect to the customer. I guess you should feel lucky if they deign to sell you something. I wonder how much you have to beg them to get them to actually take your cash?


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Funny how I might have been willing to tell folks to check out their products just as something interesting or different before reading those emails...Now I will absolutely pass on this info with a comment that folks NOT do biz with these guys.
There are plenty of small companies trying very hard, no reason to let the marketplace get cluttered up by those not willing to be respectful to a possible customer.

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