How did Voyagers/HBC Outfitters do it?


In our town we had a real outdoorsman who would share. Used to take groups of us out into the Sierras for weeks at a time. No tents, nothing but basics and never left a trace, nothing. Packs had to be less than 15 pounds all in. Yes, we were cold when it rained, hungry a lot, but we learned to live off the land. He died at around 55 years old, skiing, seemed the whole town turned out for his funeral. Miss him to this day


Voayageurs hit the wall too. John Jacob Astor's overland party had a number of voyageurs some of which either died, or were never heard from again. There were reports/suspicion of cannibalism.

This was in the country of Hells Canyon of the Snake heading towards the Columbia.. Blue Mtn area in the winter.


Modern wool blankets are lighter, I had an old 50's era HBC blanket it was considerably heavier than modern ones. Personal metabolism is part of it too. I layer and rarely feel cold in my RTT even at -12 to -15C with the wind blowing. If I get warm I just toss a blanket aside.