How long before we see a Earthromer for $150K?

I love the coment that 100,000 miles is nothing .....:LOL: These things have transmissions differentials , transfer cases and brakes. All wear the same as any other vehicle. 100,000 miles can be the end of an un maintained rig. Weather the engine runs well or not.
Couldn't believe it last time I was at Expo West and the new SMB's were going for $160k lol - my wife loves them.

I'm actually in the market for something like an Earthroamer because we'd live in it full time and I require a certain amount of daily ease, comfort and storage for that life. The ER would work; I like the layout and overall design. But I don't think I'd take it South of the border, or anywhere outside of USA, Canada, maybe Baja.

Grew up offroading in New England so the sheer size, turning radius, weight, and wheelbase are all big marks against it in my mind for really getting off road. But getting far enough away from the RV parks and hookups so we can boondock to our hearts' desires is nice. And they will do that just fine.

As did the Bigfoot slapped on the F550 in my avatar ;-)

Have you considered a GXV Turtle model?