How much paint to paint an 1120 cab

Hi guys, I will be painting the cab of our 1120 in the next couple of weeks. Would anyone one know of how much paint I would need? I am planning on switching the color from red to "Traffic White" to match the Total Composites box and will have some single stage acrylic urethane custom mixed, so would be best to get it all in one shot. I had thought a gallon would do.


Hi fella. Not much of an idea on the amount tho I'd have gone for around a gallon too, but one thing I know, red can be hard to cover!! If your rear body is going to be the same colour, you'll always use the rest up on that... :)
Our previous truck (LMTV) was about the size of your truck. If I remember correctly, when we repainted the cab from tan to light blue, it used about 3/4 of a gallon. The back was one coat and the rest was two. A few small corner areas had three coats. We painted the inside of the doors and the door jams, but we otherwise did not paint the interior. Painting over red might take more.

As a side note, I have always found white really hard to color match. Are you planning to paint your Total Composites box? Our Total Composites box has several slightly different colors of white. The panels are a slightly creamy-white gel coat, the corner extrusions are a brighter-cooler white. I'm not sure what windows, hatches, and doors you are using, but our Tern Overland hatches, are a slightly grey-ish white. I don't know how much you care how well your white matches. We really like our Total Composites box, and the slight color differences in the white doesn't bother us at all.

It's a little hard to see the shades of white in photos, but:
---First photo is during our box assembly prior to bonding on corner caps.
---Second photo is bonding in one of the Tern access hatches right before scraping away the wet adhesive.

dry-installed-gland-nuts-5.jpg bonded-access-hatches-2.jpg
Thanks guys, I plan on shooting on some high build primer before the white paint. Hopefully that will help with covering up the red. I'll go for a gallon on each.

As far as matching the TC box. Andreas gave me the RAL code (9016 Traffic White). This is what I will have mixed. I guess going this route will get as close as possible.

Thanks Michael, we have been following each step of your build. We have also found a hanger in my home town (Newport Vermont) that will rent us space to assemble the box at a reasonable cost. Thanks for the tip.
Awesome, I'm glad the hangar option worked out. It's nice to have plenty of space to work that is out of the elements.

If you have any box assembly questions, feel free to e-mail us.

Having a enclosed workspace will make it a lot easier, well worth the extra cost, when assembling and painting.

I ended up getting a small industrial shed for my T6 build, being able to leave it unfinished while awaiting parts to finish of a job was and still is priceless.


Hi Jon.

Just a quick pointer.

Overland travel involves lots of wild camping and this is a stealthy event.
White isnt the best colour for this as it stands out and can be seen for miles.
Most opt for a more subtle colour

Just a thought

Hey Neil, I agree, but for now at least will go for white. The box from Total Composites comes gel coated white (only option) and after seeing first hand with the boat between the durability of paint vs. gelcoat, gelcoat wins hands down. Plus this will allow me to just focus on the cab and not worry about the box. If it proves to be a problem will revisit it down the road. Now if TC offered different color options then we would likely not choose white.