How realistic?


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You know, that thing is kind of a classic. If it were mine I'd probably just try to restore it and use it as-is. Get a decent set of tires and you can go a lot of places off the beaten path. You won't be taking that thing over Red Cone or Schofield or Black Bear but you could find a lot of nice, out-of-the-way primitive campsites off of FS roads that would be perfect.

Roads that are bumpy/rocky/off camber I would think would result in chaos inside the camper. All that twisting and rocking would make cabinets pull away from the framework, things would fall out, etc.

4wd might help in a few circumstances if your camping area was muddy, or if you use it in the fall as a hunting cabin, but it would lift that vehicle up and I don't think making it taller than it is would be a good idea. It's tall enough already.
I am not looking for anything super rough. 4WD is more for snow, mud and light duty. No way I would try red cone. But the webster area below (Keystone side) for camping, tiger road, etc etc. not much twisting. I want to do a resto-mod with it. Keep the classic look but upgrade a lot of the camper and truck. Plans would be trips like Boreas Pass instead of Hoosier. La Salle instead of Wilkerson.

I have also played with the idea of taking of the old camper (Depending on total leaks found) and placing/building a different one on back.


You would likely be amazed a some of the places I used to take my 82 Mini Winnie. It was the C-420 model, 2 ton Chevy with a 4 bolt 350, duallys, and a Truetrac. I went all over Anza Borrego, camped on beaches in Baja... I did rattle the **** out of the box and scrape up the rear bumper, and once split my grey water tank... It can be done, with good skills, good spotters, and slow and easy...