HUB Overland 100 Build


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You had me until post #10. I don’t see the massive love for Tundra wheels. The 100 series wheel is strong, light and looks awesome. I liked the silver cladding better too, but I realize it’s just dip. You’ve definitely built a capable 100 in a hurry! How are you liking the Icon suspension?


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Removed plasti dip, bought a set of Tundra wheels and tires real cheap so I can put tires on my trailer. Tundra wheels sit further in than stock, prob switch back soon. Icon suspension is great.


We are doing two more runs of the older design bumpers. We have the 80 series redesign coming out this month, but the 100 is still a little bit off. The design is done but to get them in production and slotted in with all the other items are causing some delays.


Those Tundra wheels certainly look better painted! Are you getting any driveline vibration from your front end being too high?