[HUGE $10k PRICE DROP!!] 2000 Ford Excursion Limited 7.3L diesel 4x4 set up for offroad adventures & expeditions

Will fit 6 x 24 Gallon Action Packer boxes behind the 2nd row seats (with 3rd row, removed), so still has seating for 5 .... or 5 Action Packers & 1 Arb 62 Qt fridge that happens to be exactly the same height. I threw a marine plywood board on top of those & slept in the back on several desert or overnighter trips. Or throw a dog guard behind the 2nd row seats & build a second level for a total of 12 x 24 Gallon Action Packer boxes inside (not including extra space on the roof rack outside) & still have spacious seating for 5. Fold the 2nd row forward wth the 3rd row removed & you can easily fit 8' x 4' sheets of plywood. The Excursion Diesel is considered the king of SUVs.