I know how he feels . What a nightmare

Good video of the recovery. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the airbag controller array (the blue rack with the switches) before.

That’s pretty cool. I’m realizing I’m lucky. One of my best friends owns an extreme heavy tow company that can cover most anywhere west of the misssissippi.

It might take him a while to get there but the bill will only involve some smoked elk backstrap and a promise let him shoot first on the next trip. So I’ve got that going for me at least. I suppose that qualifies under the tractor fund.

Hope there wasn’t a ton of damage.
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Ouch! I don't think I have enough tow coverage to foot that bill.
Your not going to believe this. I gave the go agead to the contractors fully believing that we had agreed a price of 3000 USD. ( ouch , but no choice )

When I came to pay I realised how crap my spanish was and that we had in fact agreed a price of 300 USD , which was amazing.

The damage caused, during the recovery, to springs, steering etc was pretty costly as I had to replace all the parts at a Mercedes Dealer

All history now. Fully repaired and almost forgotten.

My advicde would be never under estimate a dirt road when ikts been raining for 2 weeks.

You can see the severe curve / camber on the road surface in the video. My position wasnt quite central and the very liquid surface just slid me off the road sideways.

I was doing 0 kmph as it slid to the right, there was nothing I could do at that point .

Its all very well calculating tipping angles on a computer or in a controlled environment but natue and Inertia doesnt care about that.

Costly mistake but back living the dream now

Joe. Where and when did this happen. How did you get it out.

Very lucky

We were on the island of Newfoundland which I cannot recommend highly enough. We were about as far from asphalt as you can get, fortunately we were able to dig our way out with a small rectangular piece of plastic. I have since found a cheaper off road service. P7193343 - Copy.JPG P7193347 - Copy.JPG $750
What are others thoughts.

I've often wondered in the situation of a rollover whether it would be possible to cut a tree/log and chain it at right angles to the chassis to be used as a lever. Some notching and the like would need to be done so that it could be fitted snug to the chassis. With this sort of leverage a lot lesser pull would be needed to right the overturned vehicle.



Having come back to this thread after a few weeks away, there's a lot of interesting info been added. The Mog recovery was a controlled but expensive recovery with all the right kit, but Neil's recovery is a different story. Considering the location, and machines used I think they did incredibly well to get Cloud 9 upright and out without more damage, and $300USD!!?? Happy days! My eyes were wide just watching it! Joe917, yours looks to have sat pretty firm there (on the diff centers still on the edge of the road?). Still frustrating and probably expensive, but lucky as it could have been worse! It's all good for the learning curve! I was originally contemplating a large Runva Hydraulic Winch at the rear of my truck... but thats of no use in two of the three recoveries pictured here, as the engine can't be run... What's the biggest Tirfor Winch that can be bought, and how much does it weigh...? :)