I think I just bought a motorcycle

A few weeks ago, I had the brainwave to buy an old clunker bike and fix it up as a winter project (I'm a small engine mechanic). My plan was to keep my eyes open for the next 6 months and find something.

Fast forward to a few days ago, my friend is complaining about how he has no money, and will have to sell his bike. So $750 CAD (About $600 US) later I have a 1982 Yamaha XJ 750 Maxim. Apparently it works great, but I'm planning on getting new shocks on it, rebuilding the forks, tires, and basically all the other maintenance things that I am sure have not been done in years.

Now I have to learn to ride it.

Take a safety class, get some decent gear, and ride, ride, ride. Congrats - try not to smile too much while you're riding.


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I had a Maxim 750 from 1998 - 2001. It was a great bike. I love those old UJMs, they need almost no maintenance and they have features that most modern bikes lack (center stands, full instrumentation, self-cancelling turn signals, etc.)
The 82's were a little wonky with the adjustable square handlebars and the rectangular headlight - a very "80's" look. My '83 was more conventional with a round headlight and round handlebars. Same engine, though. Great starter bike IMO. Shaft drive means no chain to oil or adjust. Can't remember if the Maxim's had self-adjusting valves or not.
Take a course and learn to ride, you'll be glad you did.


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Just for fun, here are some pics:
1999 Colorado_0028.jpg
1999 Colorado_0029.jpg
I had the sissy bar built for me by a guy who had a business card at a local motorcycle shop. Photos were taken in September 1999 somewhere along Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Thanks for the kind words, I'm signed up for a safety course (that was actually a condition of the sale) and I am in the process of picking up gear. Negative on the self adjusting valves.
Congrats! Yeah, it's better to sign up for a safety course. I've bought a bike but have never driven it. I'll go out for my first ride ever in few days...
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