Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route July 2018

The "In Progress" part of the adventure doesn't start until tomorrow morning but wanted to get the thread started and moved over from the planning thread. While it doesn't kick off until tomorrow at 0600 the truck is loaded, fueled, and ready to roll.

Bombing across W TX at 80mph listening to Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Radio until they start playing too much Bob Marley then I switch to Margaritaville Radio until they start playing too much Bob Marley....

ADB18806-637C-467B-818F-00287A6FD6CF.jpeg D2698C25-4BF5-48A5-B83C-B87D6F944F58.png
Not sure what that last post was about but looks like SPAM (and it’s since been deleted so was SPAM).

While this cloud isn’t as bad as the one from Independence Day there’s still a storm coming to Roswell, NM (see how I kept the alien theme going?).

Switched to the Beatles channel (no Bob Marley at all).

ECBA60E4-B091-496F-931B-88DA9E6B875B.png A87F01E0-5FDD-4AED-9CFB-80BDE318FAD5.jpeg
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Made it to the 1st overnight, just east of Albuquerque. Switched to E Street Radio for a while since we’ll be on the Back(streets) roads but hopefully won’t run into any Fire unless we’re sitting round it talking about those Glory Days. I got a million of ‘em folks. I’ll be here all week and don’t forget to tip your waitress.

Made it just south of SLC. A total of 1296 miles over the last 2 days. Switched to the CD player and listening to the High Kings. Rocky Road to Dublin gets me in the mood for off-roading.

F150CD50-916E-40D2-B287-7B7E54C2A8A3.jpeg 01D3EA7F-6D4B-401F-B71F-FBE733B5CA37.jpeg 305BB864-BA04-4A04-8D74-061E5A9ACA17.png
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FrenchieXJ and I made it to the Canadian border yesterday morning. I’m not anywhere with good cell service so it will probably be next week before the write up is done. I’m still in N Idaho visiting family.

Here’s the end to keep you subscribed. That’s the Canadian Border Crossing in the background.



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Well the Idaho adventure is finished for the driving and most of the groups at home or almost home. I have made it to Washington and will be here around a week visiting family. I then will set sail to a regatta near Portland where I am going to be put to work, as I was informed. After a visit with two great people (friends) I will finish the road trip back to home in time for the wife and the group of girlfriends to hit the vacation trails as I get the house duty.

I will give Mark a chance to get the story started and then I will jump when it is inappropriate to do so!

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