Identifying the "little things" on Camel Trophy Rigs


Hi All,
First off, an admission, I am a Jeep guy :) I am about to do an addition to my latest project and am in need of some info. I am hoping there are some Camel Trophy experts on here that can help me identify a component used on one of the Camel Trophy rigs. This thread may become a good resource for others looking to get detailed intel on the "little things" featurted on various Camel Trophy rigs.

On to the info I am after. I am trying to make some bush wires/limb risers and need to locate these brackets...

They appear to be some sort of over center tensioner that allows you to spread the wires to have access to the hood. This is my dilemna, I can't access my hood with the placement I have available to install the risers.

Can anyone identify what these clamps are called, and where they may be sourced?

I thank you in advance for your help!


Those are easy. Go to any boating supply they sell them for sailboat rigging that hold the mast to the deck.

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