Im kinda disabled, kinda

Ok, I can walk, but no more than a couple blocks since both knees are shot(worn out)(not shot) since my service in the Marine Corps
So far, my knees are troublesome, but not worn out. Is knee replacement an option for you? Our family has a history of arthritis in the knees and hips, and replacement has made a big difference in their lives.

Semper Fi


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I hobble with a cane so I know what ya mean

thats why I explore the easier trails, no rock crawling or bouncing here


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Interesting on the knees. Mine were worn out years ago. 1979 torn cartilage. 2001 left knee scoped. 2002 right knee scoped. 2009 Both replaced. Pretty good until maybe eighteen months ago when thee left started giving me trouble. Went to the doc in September. No fluid on it, but it was half again the size of the right knee. And, the plastic was wearing out. Could easily see where it was much thinner than the right. Went into the hospital yesterday morning. Plastic changed out and the swelling was scar tissue. Doc said he had never seen so much scar tissue in a knee. He got all of that out. Hopefully, now it will be better. Came home at noon today.

Now, this Fall can do some serious hunting. And, am more willing to head to the boondocks now.


I've never gone into detail on it, mostly because I have a causal suspicion, but no real proof, but I am definately mobility limited due to degenerative disk disorder. This creates a sitaution where the sciatic nerve gets pinched on a positional basis. For longer walks I HAVE to use either a cane, or trekking poles. I prefer the Trekking poles, but they look funny for use in the city. I can no longer drive a manual transmission vehicle because I can't rely on knowing what my left leg is doing pressure wise since I can't feel it, or all I feel is like electricity or fire...

I've got veteran friends and bad knees seems to be pretty common. We do some hiking, but for brief distances, and always take lightweight hunters stools with us to sit, rest, and then pick back up and go when ready.

The big thing is to make adjustments for your current level of ability.