Importing a vehichle from Mexico

Hello folks.... I know this question has been asked before and I would love to use the search function, but I am in a small village with only sporadic, dial up internet connection (third time trying to post this)..... While in Mexico the breakdown of my main vehichle caused me to purchase a Mexican registered 1996 Ford Explorer. The truck was originally registered in the US (Florida) and brought here by the original owner in 2008. I would like to drive it back home to Michigan, as I do not want to ship my dog and all of my stuff back!!!lol Anybody with any experience in getting a vehichle re0registered in the US? Thank you in advance guys, I plan on returning to the US in April or May. Steve
it was registered, but never in my name in the US...... I do have the US title but it was signed over to a Mexican National when first sold in Mexico. So I have posession of the Florida title, but not in my name- Does that make sense and will I be able to cross the border and pass US Customs without a US license plate?
To re-import a vehicle you will need either the USA title, or supply images of all the certification labels to customs (emissions, and safety). After that it is just paperwork. If you don't have the labels then you need a letter of conformity from Ford stating that the vehicle meets all applicable motor vehicle standards for the year of manufacture.