Importing an expedition vehicle into Brazil?

My family and I are looking to buy a 15 Bliss Mobil, probably on something like an LMTV chassis (maybe the Acela Monterra refurbished ones). We plan to travel throughout Canada and Alaska for the first year, and then wind our way down to Florianopolis, Brazil where we would like to live for about three years. Then we would overland for another year or so before staying in another country for a few years. And so on.

It looks like we can get extended visas to live in Brazil through language study, but importing the expedition vehicle to Brazil seems incredibly complex and expensive. It seems that imported vehicles need to either be new or "vintage" cars over 30 years old.

Another possibility might be to keep the US plates but leave the country every 90 days, but I don't know if you can do that indefinitely and it sounds like a hassle. Having a Brazilian plate would be better much less conspicuous.

Does anyone on this board have any experience with importing an expedition vehicle into Brazil?

Does a refurbished LMTV chassis even count as "vintage" in Brazil?

Does anyone have an idea on the rough cost to import an expedition vehicle like the 15 ft Blissmobil on an LMTV from the US into Brazil? I'm not asking about shipping costs per se, just the actual import fees.

I thought you could stay with the vehicle in Brazil up to 1 year. Perhaps do a trip to Argentina every year to renew. What did you find so far ?
From my research registering it locally is not doable.