In search of a co-driver for the 2019 Baja 4000

Ok so here the current plan:
We are in process of building up my 2005 TJ AEV Brute. New R2.8 Cummins, New 6 speed transmission, new differentials new long arm suspension and a host of other up grades in preparation for expedition travel in north America. I will post details but it will be race prepped for this effort
Entry will be in the race rally class not the touring class, almost the same except 8 special stages
Baja 4000 Rally date is early January 2019
I am looking for a co-driver, cost is half the entry fee ($600) and personnel expenses, I will cover all vehicle cost including navigation gear and comms.
This is a 10 day rally, leaving LA, running both cost of Baja and ending LA
I would prefer some one with strong experience in baja travel mexican/spanish language a plus, Must be ok with dirt sand dust and marginal food for 3-4 days without a shower we will bivouac nightly until the halfway point lay day. In other words no whiners.
This is a charity raising event as well for the children of Baja
Being well prepped should help assure a lot of fun


I may be your guy. I have Pre run Baja on KTM's at speed. I am also an old Trials rider,Ice racer, Hare Scrambles, Rock Crawler and more, so picking a line is important. Especially in a road legal TJ, which has it's limits, even if it does have a long wheelbase.
I would be out of my element in a trophy truck.....Because 160mph on a dry lake bed is above my prior toy budget.
But I am the guy that people want to bring along when Macgyver skills are needed. Just ask?

Let me know if you need Baja specific references to further the conversation.

I might even consider using my Tiger CX 4x4 Duramax for a chase rig, depending on levels of support allowed. The only thing I am not qualified to do on the trail
is Internal Cummins engine work.
Wheelie thanks for the reply.
If you haven't already take a look at the Bamako Baja 4000 website. It is a points rally not a timed event. By eliminating the timed portion you reduce speed and the critical skills become navigation accuracy. Also there is no support other then medevaic incase of emergency. to finish is to win as 1st pays the same as last.
Regarding the Brute you can follow the build in the jeep section which I just started. Also the suspension is essentially a full race coilover system, currie is building the housings, King is build the coilers and Axis is building and installing the long arm and tuning so it will be the least of my worries... The Rally is meant to be a fun and challenging adventure PM if your interest peaks further
Way too tempting! Ha! Honestly the rig is far too built for my personal tastes in this type of event, so I would be a bad candidate. Now if you were running a stock Kia Sol in the race I would be jumping at the chance! All silliness aside, I hope you have a great race. I am considering getting in on it as well, but running a much less capable vehicle for the challenge. I have run several adventure races on my Honda XRs in Baja, and I feel like it is time to try it less equipped. If I do and get an earlier start I will be waiting for that gentle tap from your TJ telling me "Get out of the way".
HaHa overbuilt???? more like way overboard.. my philosophy is capability ready and hope you don't need it. The suspension is design for comfort on crappy roads.
we are about two weeks from completion. I will update the build this weekend after I install the expo gear. then its a bunch of road test time before I head up to the ROAM west rally in june
I did get a co driver, young strong marine, I need the extra energy. If you sign up let us know so we can tag up before the start