In serious need of help with a 2002 DR200SE

I traded a fishing kayak for a dr200se that has been "stripped". as in no brake light blinker or mirrors. my biggest question is if the blinkers are not attached will the turn signal indicator light on the dash still light up? or do the blinkers have to be attached? my second and final question is watching do I connect my license plate light to? my best guess would be to bunny ear with the running light. thank you in advance for any help. though every forum I post in my thread gets views but no answer :(
You need a wiring diagram. You can probably find one on the Internet and download it. FWIW, I don't think you will get a blinker indicator if all the turn signals have Bern femoved.
I figure signals would not light up on the dash with no load. If you want stock parts or a ds kit, eBay has lots of choices. Pretty common mod is to run the surface mount signals right on the plastic fenders. Some run the old Buell turn signals etc. The stock lights are clunky.

Google "DR Riders" forum for specific Suzuki DS discussions. I rode a DR650 cross country for years, so I don't know much about the smaller versions.

I bought lots of stuff for my DS bikes through ProCycle.