Independent suspension, looks good...

So my builder twisted my arm and I gave in over a straight axle/leaf set up. The air shocks up to 200psi, 35" Toyo M/T's will add about 4" of lift. Thoughts, comments, suggestions? Any driving tips or things of that nature to be aware of besides uneven terrain?







Scrolling back to old threads - no ubolts to the leaves? It took me awhile to see you have a combo indendent/leaf spring/airshock set up - i was having a hard time with that much lay-back if the shocks were the sole "air spring" but as a supplement to the leaf springs - sure. It's been awhile - have you had it out and about?
I thought one of the advantages of a independent suspension was to get rid of heavy rough riding leaf springs. If using those A arms I would have thought airbags would have been the natural way to carry the load particularly being as you are using shocks. What will be the wear parts on the pivot? Is there a zerk fitting?
ever thought about free floating the leafs? ie, putting a shackle on the front and rear leaf to frame mounts? That way the leafs will follow the trailing arm without binding.