INEOS Grenadier


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spotted on another forum:






Is it just me or do those front skids plates seem abnormally low, especially for a solid axle vehicle? Hope the steering gear isn't in a weird spot.


the steel wheels look like aftermarket Defender "Modular" wheels or the Jeep Wrangler steelies.. I wonder what the lug spacing and specs are on the wheels?


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I like it, it looks sharp.

Not crazy about a BMW diesel engine though... hopefully they have a gas option for NA.

A GM V8 engine would be awesome for parts/technical support.

I am not really interested in something like that (new 4dr SUV just for overlanding/offroading) it but it is neat enough to follow.


I am totally impressed with the development of this vehicle. Never thought I'd jump from my Land Cruisers, but it's looking likely.


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New episode sent out today on the Grenadier's build series, focusing on wheels and tires:

A more in-depth look at the "Fireside Chat" where they had some 4x4 enthusiasts/professionals discussing the vehicle if anyone is so inclined:



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I feel, as a pure off-roading machine the Bronco or Jeep will be better than IG, but as an overlanding / traveling machine the IG is way ahead.
Also, I like how open and none secretive they are. They like, "hey guys this is what we are doing at the time, what do you think?. Cool, we'll keep in you posted".
There is really nothing to hide. It feels they are engaged with potential clients and what to know what they will be doing in this or that phase of development. I have never seen anything like this.

LR kept their secrets so hard, so tight that we all hyped up and lost the sleep over what would the Defender look like.
They promised us the return of Sir Sean Connery... and then they gave us Justin Bieber.


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I'm a little surprised at waisting time to try and develop a custom tire. Then say that the KO2 is an option. Seems like a waste of engineering hours and money.

The last thing I want is a custom tire on an expedition vehicle. When, I'm in the jungles of Borneo, I'm betting I'd have better luck finding a BFG KO2, than the custom IG tire.


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This is a good point. Not just the tires, they should start thinking how to make an use Toyota parts such as breaks, disks, etc.
All those places have a huge Toyota presence.

Also, while I have no issue with the BMW engines, why not GM, Ford, Toyota or even Mercedes? Are not the modern BMW engines are kind of complex and picky?

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