Ingenious Land Rover Defender - seriously clever!


I've looked at a lot of adapted Land Rovers, all trying to make the best use of limited space. This is the most ingenious I've ever seen. And a great intimate piece of video too:



It is so well thought out and by both of them. Self built and they use it. If he made them as more than a one off I know some would buy them, I know I would and it is on a diesel LR. Hard to beat that. I would trade in my LR for one of those in a second.


To Infinity and Beyond!
The design and execution of build is fabulous.

I would like to see the pictures of the parts fabrication and assembly of this "Transformer"!
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Not sure what that guy does for a day job but holy talented Batman! Yeah, worth every penny right there. Imagine if that was a removable system or a kit form where the rear of the D110 needs to be modified only, and then this bolts down to it for a permanent install? Ultimate travel wagon IMO!


Brilliant use of space. I would love to see something like this come to market.
The only thing I would prefer to see is a manual option for opening and closing the camper and lowering the bed. Less chance of break downs