Inner fender well mud guards for E series vans?

I've been looking and about to construct some very thorough inner fender well mud guards for my E350 4x4... the amount of mud that gets thrown all over is ridiculous and very hard to clean some of the areas.

Does anyone make some (I see them for E Series TRUCKS) but I'm looking to do front AND rear...
Well.... (wheel wells to be exact!) there are only a few inner wheel well liners available... most for trucks.

SO - I went ahead and started to do my own. I'm using 2mm Coroplast (plastic sign board). The materials are cheap, but the job is time consuming. I went for the rear first, as it was way easier. The front is going to be a real chore.

My goal is to minimize mud sling on the undercarriage. The last time I was in muddy conditions it took me almost an hour and $25 in quarters to clean the mud from the underside of my van. I really wish vehicles would come from the factory with full wheel well containment!


Once a pattern is established, it's really a very EZ job. For the front if I can even just get mud to not fill my front bumper I will be happy!

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Very nice, I'll be pressure washing mine tomorrow. When I'm lucky, I get to drive through a big storm on the way home, which takes care of most of the mud


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Good mod. I like to do the same for my Sub, not that I get in much mud, but my frame finish is taking a beating from gravel and sand. Been thinking about trying to roll on some bedliner material. But I'd also like to cover the gap and frame with a flap like you've done.
What sort of material did you use, some sort of rain mat / floor runner it looks like? You'll want some fender washers on those screws you attached it with, they'll help prevent the material from tearing free of those sheet metal screw heads.


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Take some measurements of the front wheel wells and go to your local Pull A Part and start your search. Lot's of vehicles today have front and rear plastic wheel well liners that you can adapt (cut up) to make something fit. I did this in the 1990's on a 4x4 van I had at that time. I can't remember what type of vehicle I used however at that time a A body GM car sticks in my mind.

Lot's more choices available today from which to choose.
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