Inspire me with R50 Pathfinders

I love these early early R50s with the black up front and the rear swing out, I hardly see any around here.

A stock one of these would have done all that I ever needed, great looking truck, love that green too!

I had a 1999.5 Pathfinder ("new" bodystyle, but same drivetrain), which had an OEM swingout. Quite rare from what I've read. I've only seen a few pictures of other "new" body style Pathy's with an OEM swingout.

...Sold it, but at least I get to see it every once & a while as it's just a few blocks away.
2 inch wheel spacers and some trimming. They definitely would not have fit if I had a stock bumper and didn't relocate my wiper fluid reservoir
Low center of gravity(not a ton of lift), bump stops, and droop that's my philosophy. My spring rate is super stiff so I have no scrub but I plan on changing springs and additional longer bump stops