International 4700 Ambo build


"The Bear Necessities"
106 miles road trip and the KLR is still outback!

The mount in action!


No contact in tight turns


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Expedition Leader
I like how snuggled up to the back the bike is. But am I getting it right. You load the bike by running into inside then putting it onto the rack??


"The Bear Necessities"
Just a few Ambo updates

Old batteries

New batteries

Some windows in the back

These open with built in screens

Of course the bike has a few inches of clearance

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Addicted to Gear Oil
Nice update. Looks like some D8 series batteries?

Was going to ask what the circle in the door was for....looks an armored truck gun port.

Scrolled down a bit further, Ah-Ha! Motorcycle handle bar clearance.