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Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. Im coming over from the offroading side of the house but ive come to realize that overlanding sounds more like me. I also wanted to see if there were any other scout drivers out there overlanding. after a quick search i could only find one and the last post on his build was 2011 i think. I always wonder why people choose new rides instead of classic iron for overlanding. granted a new truck may not break down for a very long time but when it does the results can be very hard to diagnose and fix. many systems are tied to one another and the failure of one can cause symptoms in another plus with all the electronics you almost need a electrical engineering degree to work on them. Anyways I drive a 1971 international scout II 4speed 35" rubber. have done an SOA lift + 2 inches on 4" wider track dana 44 axles. 4.56 gears. 345 motor. junk yard tbi conversion. completely rewired with the super cool pickup cab. I have converted it to 4 wheel disc brakes with hydroboost cv drives lines etc. ALL the electronics that can go wrong on this motor i can carry in a 50 cal ammo can and cost 50 bucks at the local yard. i built everything from junkyard parts so i can find spares on gm products across the world or at the local autozone. ill post pics later. anyways if there are any more old iron guys especially scouts i would love to see your set up and learn what kind of mods you have done for the purpose of overlanding.

thanks and Semper Fi
Well hey there, and welcome. I drive a 72 scout II, when I got her she was all stock, came with a 258,3spd dana 20. Now has a 4.0 out of an 89 cherokee complete with efi. also now has a 4 spd, dana 300 twin sticked, 4 in lift, 1 in body lift running 33s detroit in the rear and a luchbox locker up front. I have spent a lot of time on the road with the old girl, Im not big on trailering a rig to places, and more into the overland thing than rockcrawling..i did build kinda off road teardrop thing to pull behind my Scout so I have a place to sleep. But I am now in the middle of a rebuild of a 74 IH 200 with overlanding in mind so i dont need the teardrop anymore. Plans for that are a 92 7.3 and zf 5spd, chevy front end with disc brakes.hydraboost ( one of the best mods I did to the Scout) and most likely someform of slide in pop up.


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70 Suburban here and if you search Old Iron you will find a few thread with mentions of another old Burb, some old Fords, Broncos, Scouts, FJ40s....yep there are a number of us who prefer the simple life :)
I would love to see your scout and burban. ill search for old iron and read up a little. since i have a pickup too (sort of, half cab scout ) i was thinking of building a truck rack for the back that extends over the roof where i could set up a tent on top and maybe even a folding chair. i like the roof rack tents but they are spendy. so hoping i can make a platform up there to fit my backpacking tent. anyways good to here from you guys and ill post some pics soon. everyone likes pics.


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Hey! Another Scout guy! I grew up with scouts and travelalls. I just sold my 78 Scout II and still have my 69 SR-2. Its more for trail use and more geared for off roading. I thought about making it into an overlander but as you know I'm sure, that will take way more work than I am willing to do right now.

78 Scout.jpg

Post up some pics. If you have any questions about scouts let me know. Ive taken them apart way to many times.

Love that '69. Had a '66 with the 4cylinder and 3speed. It was quite primitive. Also had a '77 with the 345, auto and rancho lift many years ago. Here's a really bad photo of the 77 prior to the lift.


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Thanks, Blind Cleric. Its a pretty fun rig. 304 4speed. I put in a D44 rear and further down the line I want to do a Spring Over with a D44 in front.

Man, now you have me looking at old scouts. I found a sweet II half cab. A little high at $3k, little rust but lots of dings. I think I would leave those so I wouldn't mind taking it where I wanna go though. Of course I say that now....
My dad has a 76 Scout Terra that was originally a diesel that at some point was swapped to a gas V8. He's done an SOA conversion and it's re-geared pretty low. Here's a pic of his truck when we were dispersed camping about a 10 min from the gate for Yosemite on forestry land. We were tenting it, he slept in the bed with his sleeping bad and pad.

awesome scouts. i also have short scout 80 but its on the backburner for now. here is a pick of my scout II. and yes i have finished the rear disc conversion for those of you wondering about seeing daylight through my back wheel (older pic). i just replumbed my fuel lines so i can use quick disconnect fittings on the electric fuel pump, that way i can stop by anyjunk yard or parts store and get a pump for a late 80's ford electric fuel pump(what i run now) and swap it in ( 10 minutes tops). As said before i am trying to build this so parts can be had anytime anywhere. next up maybe dual batteries?


Love the Scouts! Here's my old '79 Traveler that I sold a few years ago. That old 345 V8 is an under-appreciated engine, in my opinion. Tons of low-end torque and supremely reliable.

scout 2.jpg
scout 1.jpg