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Hey fellow Rover junkies,

Allow myself to introduce . . . Myself. 😬

My name is Greg and back in 2009 I purchase a certified, lease turn in from the dealer.

I drove her from 27,000 miles to 88k when I sold her to a buddy of mine before taking a job overseas.

Moved back a year ago and low and behold he still had her with a clean 116k on her and I wisked her back out of his life.

Slowly I will be building her out to take the family on some regional road/camping trips.


Now, I’m definitely a noob when it comes to wrenching on these beasts so I’ll certainly welcome any advice from you salty vets out there.

I’m in the mist of replacing the windshield washer pump. Any advice is welcome. Thanks and looking forward to being back in the Rover family.


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I was just in there. Remove the inner fender liner.

Well, you can probably just remove a few fasteners at the front of the wheel well to get in there. Otherwise, pull the whole liner.

Its sort of straight forward. You'll need to pull all those little plastic pop-pieces out (a pick and then a trim tool will make this job easy). Also you'll need to remove the small plastic piece on the fender right in front of the door. Next, remove the screw holding the fender on. This screw is accessed from the same space that the headlight is in. Once the fender flare is removed, gently fold the fender liner, like an upside down taco, and then remove it.

Take note of the screw holding the fender liner to the bumper.

All of this is on the drivers side, of course.

Make sure you have a few little cups to hold all of the fasteners because they get everywhere. Also if you need new struts, removing the fender liner gives you extra room to work in, and it is nice.