Introducing the “NEW” Alu-Cab Canopy Camper


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I haven’t noticed the third brake light at night. The back cab windows on my truck are tinted so maybe that’s why I haven’t even noticed it?
Also, something I didn’t consider was the rear view mirror. Absolutely useless now, so I may remove it completely.
I kept my rearview mirror on after getting my camper just so I have a place to hang my National Parks Access Pass from. Also, I still use it to check for boogies every now and then!:cool:


Ordered my canopy camper a couple weeks. Hope for an early May instal.
how are the lights, usb etc hooked into the electrical system?
anyone integrate a goal zero Or similar modular system?

great forum. Stoked on the info and peoples builds.
i am using the PLB40 system to power our national Luna fridge that I ran into a blue sea fuseblock. The leds, don’t use a ton of power and this system is very modular and we love it.
The alternator charges the battery while driving, and then we use portable solar for when we are stopped.
The main reason we went this route was the $6k quote we got for a dual battery and solar install.
i am not joking, $6k!


To be honest, the electrical system we got quoted (name withheld) is utterly ridiculous. I went a differnt route to use a lithium lower pack and solar charging that is about $5k less than that. Easy, clean, and I love it. To each their own.


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any electrical/math wizz‘s out there that could tell me how big of a battery (GZ or similar) i would need/should have to run lights, fridge, diesel heater in A Rainy climate with lots of trees. ie rainforests of southern BC…. Im thinking a 1000ah should be sufficient as long as I go for drives every day or so.
Without going through 70 pages of the thread, does anyone know what hardware is needed to make the goose gear electrical panel to mount to the rear of the alu cab?
i emailed GG directly and they said they do not have the kit available.
813 Fabrication has a really nice set of aluminum brackets that are slotted for easy adjustments. Also, 100% recommend his aluminum panels over Goose Gear's wood panels. Waaaaaaaay better fitment and looks awesome. I paid $60 to a local metal fabricator to cut holes for electrical.
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Low budget storage mod for you guys, it was not my idea. I saw someone else had it via Instagram. I have yet to test it out but I think itll be fine for the short term. These zip together and are technically made for trunk organization.



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Due to unforeseen circumstances, Asheville Vehicle Outfitters has a 6.5 ft Alu-Cabin available. Hope this is not against rules.


Tip and a mod. Tip, Ive been using a 4” rubber bungee to hold the side doors slightly open. Keeps it private and allows air to flow through. Mod, I installed two fluid tank sight glasses. Makes for an inconspicuous window to see who’s moving around outside without being a large window.

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Getting my canopy camper on my LB Tocoma next month. Seriously considering using a power station (not sure of the model) as the backbone of my power supply. I actually don't need much. I may get a fridge at some point, but mostly looking at lights, charging, and maybe by fall running the fan on the Dickinson heater. Anybody running something similar? Trying to save weight and expense, and keep some modularity.


I run one in mine. I have a fridge as well. Wiring is nice and clean, easy to use, and easily movable if need be. Solar charges it and I have yet to have issue at all. Love it

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I run one in mine. I have a fridge as well. Wiring is nice and clean, easy to use, and easily movable if need be. Solar charges it and I have yet to have issue at all. Love it
Do you just plug them in as needed or did you run them to a fuse box and switch panel? Just looking at options.

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