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'00 E350SD PSD
Ran a bore scope down the plenums and can't find any more debris, so it's back together now. We ordered/installed Dieselsite's plenum supports and boots and, between this and the new wheel, I can already see a difference in engine operation just with it idling and revving it in the driveway. Front is still torn out so can't go on a test drive, but should have the seats back in it this weekend after the snow comes.

Regarding the LEDs: They don't dim through the full cycle like the halogens did. There is a "dead spot" in the middle between dim and bright where they don't light up. This could be the switch and not the lights, as I was pretty rough trying to get the damn knob off when removing dash. Will throw my DMM on there this weekend and check and see. Either way, I still like them. Much cleaner/clearer than factory bulbs.

The links I listed for the deadening supplies...I should warn you that the hoodliner and CCF suppliers took forever to ship the items and, once they had, they shipped them super economy resulting in a 12 day wait from the time I ordered to the time I had the items. Not such a big deal, but worth noting so you can plan on it.

Finally, we ended up using 3M Super 90 instead of 77. It was $3 more and the difference between medium duty and heavy duty, so just went for it. Used it to glue the CCF to the CLS. Will use it and velcro in the future to secure the MLV but, for the time being, it stays in place just fine. Cleaning up the factory vinyl and expect to have that back in this weekend as well. Pics below.

CCF going in with Super 90

CCF done



Have a 900 mile road trip coming up next week, after which we will be installing the Reese Class 5 hitch, Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller, Bilstein HD's and Diamond Eye exhaust.
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'00 E350SD PSD
Quick question for those of you that have done the 4wd conversion...We blew up the full floating D60 that was in the back of the was stock, non LSD and always meant to be replaced. Anyway, I've always been considering a conversion in the back of my head and, rather than drop $1k into this axle to get it back on the road, I figured I'd do the sterling swap now and then look pretty heavily at the 4wd conversion. In reading Chris' instructions for the conversion, I have to strip and weld new mounts on the sterling. If I do this now and then convert/lift the van later, will I then have to cut and re-weld the mounts in order to align the pinion? We would be going most likely 4" but a max of 6" up. Thanks for your input.

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