Ipad and loading GPS Routes/Tracks


Expedition Leader
Last week I worked an event called King of the Moto's, part of the KOH event. My job is radio relay and catch all for problems that always crop up during an event like these. To make my job easier, we wanted to load the events tracks into my Ipad, but it would not work...

I use an Ipad 1 - Wifi only, as my main GPS/Display, and have it loaded with several navigation apps, with my favorite program being ScenicMaps, but I have MotionX and Ihike also. I have USGS and other map types loaded that include all of the western US. This set-up has worked well for my needs, but I ran into a problem last week at KOM.

We tried to load the GPS tracks into the Ipad and could not do it. The tracks could be loaded into my Garmin, but not the Ipad.

The crew who loaded all the tracks for the competitors - it was an unknown course and a GPS device was required to follow the route and find the check points, could not load the tracks.

How does one load tracks in the Ipad? Does it require another app? Any help is greatly appreciated.



I added tracks and waypoints to Gaia maps (only once a while ago) and I think I had to use Dropbox to import the files into Gaia.

....like I said: it's been a while though....not sure if that works in your case.


What format? GPX is the common format for most GPS Apps. You can convert file types at GPS Visualizer, http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/ if you get a KML file or some other type. Then put the file in Dropbox or other cloud storage and load. You can also email the files. Click the attachments and if you see the XML file with a bunch of text click towards the top right of the screen and look for the Open In text. Tap that and then tell the iPad what application you want to use. Motion X should work fine. I prefer GAIA though.


You could do it using Trimble Outdoors either with a Garmin upload or GPX file import. My guess is then you would need Trimble Outdoors My Topo Map Pro on your iPad.



If you need to view GPX files, I wrote a 99 cent app called GPX-Viewer for the iPhone & iPad. It can import your GPX file from Dropbox or many other sources. One advantage it has is the ability to display other map layers instead of Apple Maps. You can use OpenStreetMa or Google for example. Plus it has the ability to cache the map tiles for use when there's no Internet connection.