Is anyone running JKU Goose Gear Plate System w/ 100% rear seat delete?


I'm eyeing this system and wondering if there is sufficient space to have a group 31 sized battery under one of the storage hatches where the rear seats used to be? Seems like an ideal place to put a big heavy battery...

Looking at some of the photos on the Goose Gear web site, it sure looks like there might be a battery hiding behind the driver's seat...



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I have 2009 JKu and have built a platform that looks the same as the one in the picture. My rear platform is almost the same. The clearance with the bottom of the foot well cover is 8" floor to bottom of the plywood. I believe that the height of a 31 series battery is around 9.5 " with connections on the top. You may have room if the battery could be laid on it's side (non-flooded battery) that would be able to lay on its side. They measure about 13 x 6 13/16 x 9 7/16 inches.

I am personally not sold on laying any battery on their side. I have seen the results of cases coming apart. I am not saying that it could not be done, but I would not do it. Bouncing around off highway, with the weight of a heavy battery.

A built up section near the side doors may be still allow the battery to stand up. The flat surface could be maintained throughout the remaining area. With this aligned with the with the tire well you could still have plenty of flat surface.

Just my thoughts!


You could build your own for a tiny fraction of what Goose Gear is charging. I had a friend build a metal floor for my '13 JKUR. I built a plywood floor for my Gladiator in one afternoon. Rock climbing anchors make great tie-down points. It would be pretty simple to make a raised door section to accomodate a battery standing up.

JKUR floor:



Gladiator floor:




Wow that does look great!

I'm just getting started today by laying out some cardboard templates. Planning to use 5/8" ACX or maybe Swedish cabinet board. Probably use aircraft cargo type tie-downs like these:

My biggest problem is that my son has my pickup truck with him at college, so I have no way of carrying 4x8 sheets of ply without renting a trailer!

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Well, you guys inspired me. Phase I almost complete. 1/2 sheet of 5/8" ACX. $18 and $4 worth of stainless screws and washers.

It took 2 hours to make the cardboard template and 30 minutes to cut the plywood, sand it, and fasten it. I did notice that the two "humps" that the rear storage bin cover slot into create a high spot that is about 5/8" higher than the rest of the floor (and is roughly the same height as the flat plastic trim pieces on the sides). So I cut and fit a piece of the trim and placed it under the plate just forward of those slots and then glued it to the plate. This supports it and provides more rigidity.

Next comes a coat of Herculiner and then a separate section for the front once I pull out the back seats. It appears that I'll need to fabricate some brackets to support it. Haven't quite figured that part out yet.