Is there a site or company that lets people swap Expedition vehicles internationally.

I have heard of RV Swap companies where you can have someone use your RV in your country and you use theirs in their country, do expedition vehicles have something similar or (sigh) people too nervous even to let owners of the same brand of vehicles to drive theirs or maybe it's because people are more bonded to theirs since is an expedition vs RV?
I think most of us built or bought our vehicles to take with us and to travel with them...not leave them behind and borrow someone else's on vacation. I guess you might find someone willing to "airbnb" their expo rig or you could start a new business venture? Good luck.
There are sites like Outdoorsy that allow you to "Air B&B" their camper or rooftop tent setups. We have not heard of any site that sets up a vehicle swap.