Is there no one building a Titan Diesel?

Who buys the Titan XD when the real Cummins 2500 4x4 is rated better, proven, and is the same price.
Same price? I picked up a fully loaded Titan XD diesel for 40k I am not seeing anything close to the price for the 2500. Care to point me in the right direction?
I almost bought one, but ended up with the non-XD Pro4x instead. The diesel just really didn't seem to be worth it IMO. I liked the way the smaller gasser drove way more than the diesel XD.

I've only had it about a month and a half, but I'm trying to track down some stuff already. If I get to the building point, I'll start a thread. Parts seem scarce at the moment for the new Titans.
Wow, $40k!?!?

Yeah it was an amazing deal. I could not pass on it. I believe OTD it was $43k. But the story behind it is that I bought when they first came out and were not selling well. I shopped around a ton and finally found a dealer that was willing to bite. Not willingly. I did have to finance with their preferred lender for 6 months. The very instant I could refi I did to a way lower rate (Helps that I work for a bank). But I got the Pro4x with the Cummins. Very comfortable and amazing for long trips if the whole family is coming. But that being said it is a Garage queen because I spend most of my time driving my 5th Gen 4runner or 2015 TDI Golf Sportswagen.
If you do a Titan XD and plan to run a camper on the back there is an easy rear sway bar upgrade you can do. The sway bar and bushings off a high roof NV van will fit. It is noticeably thicker bar. But you don't really want this unless you have a camper that has the weight up there that would make you need it.
Same price? I picked up a fully loaded Titan XD diesel for 40k I am not seeing anything close to the price for the 2500. Care to point me in the right direction?
I hope that you enjoy the XD and that it serves you well, I did not mean to upset anyone. They are good looking light-duty trucks, great for carrying golf clubs. (just a joke) I always wondered why Nissan didn't go with a Japanese diesel engine in the XD. I think they would have done much better. If you got an XD for 40k they are not selling well. When you look at ROI and Total cost of ownership the Dodge powered Cummins is hard to beat; add in tow capacity and it is an easy choice. If I understand the XD correctly it is a bloated 1/2 ton truck competeing in the 1/2 ton market. It isn't capable of doing what a current 3/4 ton can do. The Dodge 3500 is basically a 4x4 Semi nearly every vechile transporter in the country uprates them to 40,000# without any modifications and puts 300,000 miles on them before they let them go for 1/3 of what they cost new. Nissan should have made the XD a real 3/4 ton truck. It is like when dodge made the full size Datoka Pickup they were more capable then the rangers and S10s and less capable then a 1/2 ton and they never sold well. I am not upset because American companies are still controlling the American truck market and it looks like the we be doing so for years to come.

The Dodge 1/2 ton with the Mercedes Diesel is a great choice also. 28 MPG and under $50,000 with every option.

The Nissan will likely be a great truck but the powerplant is unproven and most of these trucks suffer from emission issues the first go around. One go thing about my area is we don't have emissions testing and most people get rid of all that stuff as soon as it leaves the dealer.

Kernsville Dodge is the Cheapest Dealer that I have found for New Dodges....Check there prices and see if your dealer will price match. They also ship. I am not associated with them.

New 4x4 MegaCab Cummins for under $50,000......this will last until you can no longer drive will fit the whole family and can carry your golf clubs to work at the office
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^ You are helping to make my point. Most people that don't use a truck for a living can't push a 1/2 ton truck to the limits. The Nissan can't do enough for those that depend on there trucks for work; it really is aimed at the crowd that is worried about getting the bed scratched. Not many will pay the money for a Diesel that can't do what the other diesels can do at similar price points.

When the titan came out in 2004/2005 Nissan got it right but the XD missed the mark. XD means Xtreme Duty but it is aimed at being the King of Light duty trucks, it also looks a lot like a copy of the F150. Anytime I see the word Xtreme it is usually followed by a lot of fake marketing.

At the end of the day, the Nissan XD has a market but they aren't pulling many away from the Big 3. I was excited when Nissan starting planning out a Cummins truck then years later I heard it was a V8. The Cummins 555 came to mind, a failure for cummins in the marine and truck market. One of the most positive things about "Cummins" has been the simple design, strength, and reliability of the straight 6; something that Nissan didn't capatilize on with the V8 in the XD. They would have really hurt the big three with a TD42 (Nissan Made Diesel) or 4BT truck that got close to 30 MPG. I owned a Nissan Diesel in an RV and I am not a Nissan hater.

To answer the original question.....It doesn't make sense to build a Titan Diesel at this point especially if you plan to go beyond the borders of the USA. Nissan won't sell enough to get much aftermarket support. I am sure that they can carry a Truck Camper and get the job done but you won't see enough of them around to give you build ideas.
The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel runs a 3.0L V6 made by VMM in Italy, it’s not a Benz diesel. It’s also shown to be problematic due to oil cooler failures resulting in oil contamination in the coolant. FCA has been replacing engines under warranty due to this issue.

I was also looking at a Titan XD with the diesel and passed due to the poor fuel economy and reliability.

I wouldn’t buy a truck with a poor reliability record to use as an overland/expedition vehicle. Especially a newer diesel that requires regens at highway speed in order to prevent limp mode from coming on.

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