Is this Cobra CB any good?


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Allow me to comment if I may, but I would very much consider using a ``hood lip'' mount. Some no-ground-plane antennas work on the basis of making the coax feedline act as the counterpoise, though making the SWR low and the impedence match, greatly introduce loss into the system. You mileage may vary greatly however and I can't comment on the firestik products.

Personally, I don't think you can beat for performance or cost a basic hood mount and a basic metal whip antenna. Mounted near to the center of the vehicle as possible with a true gound plane and you'll be very suprised where 4 watts on 11 meter can take you.

Again, I think you may be perfectly fine with whatever you choose, just consider the above.


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05TACODOC said:
How is this for an antenna setup:

I will be mounting my antenna in the rear corner near the tailgate, with a composite bed I'm thinking the "no ground plane" setup is preferable for my application, no?
'No Ground Plane' is sort of a relative term, don't put too much stock into the marketing stuff. There is nothing magically about antennas. A 'NGP' antenna is usually one that is electrically 1/2 wavelength long and so there is an electrical null at the feedpoint, which means that it's just less reliant on a ground plane. There are other issues with a 1/2 wavelength antenna that can make them more and less attractive (I doubt anyone on a Friday afternoon is remotely interested in the physics of why). Suffice-to-say that the most common antennas are 1/4 & 5/8 wavelength for a reason.

Anyway, Firestiks seem to be fine antennas. I wouldn't pay a whole lot for a CB antenna, really good ones aren't necessarily the expensive ones. Take care to mount it securely and make nice connections. Then be sure to tune it! CB antennas are rarely tuned well from the factory.

Can you describe a little more what you're thinking of doing? Are you trying to avoid drilling, for example? I've had good luck with mounting a 5/8 wavelength whip on the front bumper (I also have an ARB). It's a sorta odd pattern, but does seem to work well enough. The mounts that fit on the edge of body panels work well, too. Personally I got fed up with having my antennas on the front of the truck and just drilled holes in my roof. Best thing I've done to the truck in a while.

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Here is the location I'm considering:

Comments? Suggestions?

Where can I buy a Firestik antenna setup in the OC, San Diego area??? I need it this week!
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