Issues with Inka Outdoors

I am amazed at how some people don't mind being screwed over. My guess if they were in the OP's shoes they would not take the screwing so willingly or maybe they would. I have never sued anyone before and never have had to hire an attorney in my 59 years but I would in this case. I would say it is bordering on fraud. a month late yea a year no way.
If I understand the situation correctly, the delay will be at least 12 months, more than double the estimate. That is not reasonable whether it’s addressed in the contract or not
Agreed. I suspect we don’t know the full extent of the situation and the stink Inka is in though.
I really have no dog in the fight but from a 3rd person perspective, it’s a no brainer. OP should get a full refund.
I agree again. However, giving in to his request, now that he has gone public, would set a disasterous precedent for them in dealing with future requests for guys in the same situation, and it appears they don’t have the cash flow to accommodate one refund, much less dozens.

The irony of using a public talk forum as leverage for movement on his trailer, is that he locked himself into his contractual obligations even firmer.

I have done what he is doing with good results when a company was screwing me over, and it worked. A check for $4500 magically appeared in my mailbox within days of starting a topic like this. But, to use a worn out cliche, the ‘net is a double edged sword.

Again, this is just my objective view of the situation and I hope for the best outcome for him. Best case, in time, he gets his trailer and can put this all behind him.
Again, this is just my objective view of the situation and I hope for the best outcome for him. Best case, in time, he gets his trailer and can put this all behind him.
I see what you did there! :)

I think the OP was screwed, but at this point what is a guy to do. Warn others, as he is doing. I really hope both sides can make this happen. As for you folks who say he will can wait and then just sell it and make his money back, maybe one of you can offer to buy it for that amount. Its a $30k trailer, not exactly like buying a used Land Cruiser or something.. well maybe it is.. they are ridiculously holding their value.

Anyhow, its not as easy said than it is done. At this point I think his offer to pay for the builders time to design it was fair, after all the builder hasn't spent any money in building it. I have no dog in this hunt, just hate to see someone get the shaft and I hate to see a promising trailer builder get a bad rap (we don't have a lot to chose from). Again, hope both sides make this work.
Silverback, I was thinking more along the lines of him being able to get the trailer he wanted from the beginning and enjoy it, not sell it.

It will be the same trailer he wanted, the only difference is the anger. Can he put that behind him? He’s in it this far. Turn back now and start over with a new company and get his trailer later than he would get this one? Or stick with it and wait this one out?

I see this happen a lot with custom gun makers. A guy gets popular with his work, takes on too many orders and winds up years behind. If you have very specific requests that involve multiple talented gunsmiths, your custom rifle can be 5-8 years away.

The difference is the expectations were not set properly. He based his decision on build time, not on the trailer itself. Had they told him 24 months he would not have bought it.

Shame on them.


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Man, what a crap situation! I'm glad I had no issues with my trailer. I'd be hard pressed to buy something for $30k without it actually existing, or having a REALLY well spelled out contract and plenty of reviews from previous customers.

Customer service is MORE important than the widget a company makes. IMO. No matter the quality, if a company is there to help you no questions asked for your ownership, that's rad, and I'd buy whatever it is they make, from now on.

Hope Inka can turn it around and pump out some great trailers, make lots of money from lots of happy customers. Hope the OP gets his money back, or a trailer asap... Sucks being forced into the public spotlight, but hey, you run a public company and are asking for their money! Is what it is. Just be honest with yourself, and your customers. It'll pay off!