Italy, Lago di Garda/Lago di Ledro


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Looks like a cool drive up those mountains Steinez. What was your elevation at the highest point? Sure looks like you have had a lot of historical adventures from the route you took. It would have been interesting to see how they got military equipment up those narrow roads in the first world war...:ylsmoke:
Sorry for the delay, but i was a bit busy with work and we had a few emergencys at the fire department as well...

The highest elevation was at the Timmelsjoch at 2508m....

Those passes from the first world war are only a few at the "Lago di Garda" area. They used mostly donkeys. At the rest of the front they tore the equipment down and carried it in backpacks. It`s really interesting what things you can find from the first world war if you know where to look:

If there`s interest from you guys i have a few thousand pics of what i`ve found...

Ok, this is the last day, where we drove back home...

Found a place for the trash:

Last view back to the "Lago di Ledro":

This time we choose the direct way home, it took us about 8 hours. Here are some random pics from the drive back throught italy:

To get over the alps we chose the "Reschenpass/passo Resia" and between austria and germany the "Fernpass" again. This is where the "Reschenpass" starts:

A memorial for the soldiers who lost their lives in the first world war:

On top of the "Reschenpass", where the italian/austrian border is:

Yes, it was a bit hot:

On top of the "Reschenpass" is a reservoir. There was a village in the way when they built it, so they built a new one a few miles away. To remember the village they left the church tower in the reservoir. You can also see how much water is missing because it didn`t rain the last weeks:

Drive back throught austria:

This big mountain is called the "Zugspitze". It`s the highest mountain in germany:

I hope you guys enjoyed this report. Would be nice to get some feedback...

This trip is finished now, but you never know where the road leads you:



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Some really nice pics there Steinez. :Wow1:If you can post some more pics of the world war 1 stuff, then I would love to see them.:Wow1: Might just have to get you a :beer: Cheers, Chilli.:ylsmoke:


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I just read your thread today & would love to see more. It has been a long time since I travelled through Austria, Switzerland, Germany & other parts of Europe. I have not been back since 1973. I lived & worked around Mannheim for almost 4 years. I am sure many things have changed since then, although much of it is timeless.

Please post more.


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Awesome thread. I linked it on the ExPo Facebook page too, so we may see a few more questions here.

If you were to do it again, would you take the same route?


nick disjunkt

I did an almost identical trip a few years ago in a massively overloaded merced 310d van. I had a great time but the alps were hard on the clutch and brakes on my van. I did the trip again in a tiny peugeot 106 car more recently and enjoyed the driving far more. The drive from Austria and Switzerland down to Garda is one of the nicest in Europe in my opinion; the new viaducts are best observed from below whilst you enjoy the scenery.


More pics = better! I love that 85 was "hot". When we drove into the mountains this weekend, we were excited to see 85!


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Nice pics

thanks, I'm planning of heading that way in December and maybe do (Genoa --> Lake Como --> Liechtenstein --> somewhere around the Swiss alps...)

and liked to read your posts.

Any ideas of what to visit around those places I've wrote?
Is it totally a bad idea to go into the alps on a non 4x4? of course maintaining to the main roads... :)

any advice appreciated, thanks
no specific ideas around those places...

But there`s no problem going in the alps without a 4x4, that`s for sure. But remember that almost all the passes are closed during winter, so summer would be the better option...


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That is a beautiful area. I used to travel to Milano a lot for work and drove around Lake Garda some. The area is stunning.

Thanks for the pics and would also like more pics.