Jack mount grab bars for FWC

beef tits

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I had these fab'd up so I could reach my middle roof clamps with less of a balancing act. I then sold the FWC and am not buying another one.

Made of aluminum with plenty of space for sausage fingered fatboys like myself. I paid $260 to have these made. Very light weight.

$150 takes them picked up in Denver


$180 shipped anywhere in 48 states.
Yes, shipping is F'n expensive in 2022.

Don't like the price? Don't contact me. GFY. Not negotiable. :)


Mickey Bitsko

Maybe you could explain in better detail how you mounted them or have a picture of them on your fwc.
Might be priced too low for the discerning individual.

beef tits

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Don't have any pics, or I'd have posted them. They bolt on just like jacks in the front or rear. I used them in the front where they are obviously more handy. They are simple grab handles for lifted trucks with FWCs to help reach the middle clasp on the roof. If it isn't obvious how they mount based on the description "jack mount grab bars"...you're probably not my buyer and you might be a little slow :)

These don't exist in the aftermarket to my knowledge. Maybe I 'invented' them.

They are priced low. I want them gone just like the camper.
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