Jack's 2007 Chevy Build


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mine is 250k going strong.

It should fit in a high cube-

    12.024 m
  • INSIDE WIDTH: 2.350 m
  • INSIDE HEIGHT: 2.697 m
  • DOOR WIDTH: 2.340 m
  • DOOR HEIGHT: 2.597 m
  • CAPACITY: 76 m3
  • TARE WEIGHT: 4020 Kgs
  • MAX CARGO WEIGHT: 26460 Kgs

just a little over 7.5 feet wide, and 8.84 feet tall.
I saw your brother's acrobatic/contortionist efforts to get out of the truck once it's in the container, not sure I want to do that.



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haha right!?!? I dont know if I physically could- he is smaller than I am, im at 220ibs and 5ft 9in.

RoRO will work fine im sure! Will you be doing any type of thread, or blog for the trip?
It would be a challenge, I'm 5'9",160lbs and I'm still not sure I could do it.

I hope, certainly not the first to do and I've heard pros and cons to both, so...;)

This is about as close as I will get to a blog, too lazy for that. :ROFLMAO: