Been exploring Okinawa, and starting the leg work for an overland of mainland japan. curious if anyone here knows anything, or has intel on them. currently ploting a course on google earth, but we all know how reliable that can be.
what info do you want or need? I live outside of yokosuka and am familiar with the areas from kyoto/kobe up to southern sendai/fukushima areas. let out a yell if you are in the area.


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Get down to Kyushu; Fukuoka, Miyazaki and the other prefectures here are the most amazing of all. I wish I still had the glitter on my eyes about Japan as you have. Have fun wherever you he'd to:coffeedrink:
Japan is a really nice destination for having fun point of view and now I would like to suggest to go there that must take your camera like me and enjoy there photography. It has such a nice natural beauty which is able for explore and enjoy your some days in it. I hope after come back I will like to share with you traveling story of my Japan travel?
I have been visited in Japan and had a really great time spend here in last month. Here lots of things we can do and enjoy best time here with families and also friends. Its attractions are best for visiting, but its local food is great for make travel happy and remarkable too. Whats your idea about its parks?