JB Owners Question

Was out in the Anza Borrego desert this past weekend and encountered about the 2nd worst freight train howling wind storm I've ever been in. Worst one I saw a Springbar blow over!

First and foremost - the JB Evasion was fantastic in those winds! Only issue I had was the long strap off the rear used to pull the tent down flapping all over the place. Worst was when the strap flipped on top of the tent and banging the fiberglass roof! Finally got out and noticed two small Velcro straps up above the rear door that looked like they could be used to keep the strap up and out of the way??? I put the strap in both of those and it worked for about a half hour before the winds blew the strap loose again.

Anyone have any suggestions for securing that strap in heavy winds...outside of saying I should point the truck front into the wind! :unsure:;)
I don't know if I have a newer or older version of the evasion than you but I don't have the long strap at the back, I only have a short strap at the rear right hand side corner so it doesn't flap about in the wind.
haha that has happened to me several times, i literally just unzipped the top of the rear door just enough to pull that strap inside and then zip it closed. Worked for me.

Also had a friend show me a trick, he put heat shrink tube on all the zipper handles... mine used to clang around all night in the wind, now they are quiet