Jeep XJ Westfalia Poptop Camper Build - The "Jeepagon" V2


Pulled the engine accessories down to the block today and got some more prep work done. Look at that valve cover mayonnaise

Just need to drop the oil pan and get it unbolted and lifted. Helpful that the AC is still getting done so I was able to pull everything out of the way instead of working around it.

Btw anyone aware of an electrical connection perhaps for ABS that was left in the harness from the factory unplugged? Had a loose fitting while pulling everything and can’t find anywhere it could possibly go for the life of me. Mine has everything factory equipped besides ABS.

Got a chance to pull the engine today. Everything went pretty well, but that passenger side E12 bolt to the block from the bellhousing took a good minute to budge.

Onto the torque converter and then to reinstall the new engine. I also ordered the viper coil parts to use on the cherokee as a solution to the coil pack mounting difference between the 2000 XJ and 99 XJ heads.

Put in the new torque converter today while the engine is out. Also removing and redoing all of the wire harness looms and making tape over the full new looms.

Going overkill to keep these water tight and ready to go decades more. Inspect all insulation, 3M heat rated tape down to the connector, new loom over and then friction and masking tape over that. Pulling all the connectors to the trans and blasting with dielectric grease.

Last is to give everything a good clean and paint the engine bay then prep for the new engine to go in.