JK Fridge Mounting

I have a 2010 JK Unlimited and planning to mount a fridge with slide in the rear cargo area. I looking for suggestions and photos of how members have attached to the tub or used another base (plywood or metal) to attach too. And what hardware used to attach, etc.
Beware of trapping your jack, tire iron and whatever else you have in the below deck cubby.

Perhaps mount the slide on a raised platform that is just tall enough to clear the cubby door as it opens? Marine plywood and paint to match the carpeting or cover in oem carpet...

If your platform spans the cargo area then you could attach the side verticles for the platform to the tub in a manner similar to Best Tops' Flexa Trunk. Here's a link to a Quadratec page that has a link to the install directions for the Flexa Trunk. I have the Flexa Trunk and it does mount to the tub at the wheel wells, so adapting Best Tops' direction ought to work. The Flexa Trunk is just about the correct height, btw, a 5gal bucket slides under...

I have a small ~16qt Engel that I keep behind the passenger seat most of the time, so I can reach it while driving. It's the best Jeep mod going! No ice, cold beer, sodas. Use it for lunch makings too. Holds about 18 drinks packed well, or lunch and ten to a dozen. The small Engel doesn't have a low voltage cutoff switch, so I use one between the fridge and the cigarrette lighter. With my one Group 31 Blue Top Optima, I have to run the Jeep every other day to recharge the battery to keep the drinks cold. I have a larger 60QT Combi for more extended use, it takes up most of the cargo area though.

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I have the same plans and here's what I'm thinking. I'm planning on builing a plywood floor and getting rid of the "cubby" lid all together. The floor will extend just to the edge of the jack storage space so I can still get into it without having to move everything.


Heres a few pics of what I did in the back of mine. The fridge is the ARB 50QT, built the base & slide out of 1/2" plywood. The bracket holding it to the floor at the back seat is made of 1/8" aluminum strap that is bolted into 2 seat mount holes and also one through bolt through the floor. Have used it several times and so far has worked great. You still have 1/2 access to the cubby area, and full access to the jack storage area. If you want more pics or info lemme know!




I removed the cubby lid and just left the space open. I'm sure you could cut it if you chose to do so, but so far its been pretty convenient to have that space open. Right now I've got an air compressor stored underneath the fridge slide as well as a tire deflator, etc, and room for additional equipment/storage.



The only thing I would do differently that I can think of is to use heavier duty slides for the pull-out portion. I went cheap and used some slides I had left over from a drawer system I had in the back of my old rig, and although they hold the fully loaded fridge at full extension, they have a little bit of a wobble. Other than that, we've been pretty satisfied with it, and a big plus to me is that its easy to remove if you need to take it out to haul something else.
I just finished (for the most part) the rear storage/fridge mount/aux battery set-up for my 4dr JK. My requirements:
  • Keep the back seats
  • Keep access to cubby storage
  • Keep access to jack storage
  • Include aux battery storage
  • No holes in jeep to mount storage/fridge
  • Build to allow a sleeping platform extension

This is what I ended up with:

Drop down door for extra shelf space

Inside of storage with trap door to cubby storage

Access to cubby storage

Slide out shelf

Slide out for fridge

Fully extended

Rear of unit behind back seats housing aux battery storage, aux 12 fuse panel, and 800 watt inverter

Aux battery

Other electronics

With sleeping platform attached (updated 12/02/12)

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really nice job Trailfrog! :luxhello:

How is everything secured down to the floor?

I think I may shamelessly plagarize your design when I get my JK.
really nice job Trailfrog! :luxhello:

How is everything secured down to the floor?

I think I may shamelessly plagarize your design when I get my JK.
Thanks, I used two L-brackets on top one bolted to each rollbar in the back and then two custom brackets I bent that attach to each rear seat brackets on each side. You can see these in the last picture. It's all pretty tight with the battery box. I built mine around the exact deminsions of the 43 qt Edgestar fridge.


I am in the midst of planning my rig... seeing these photos brings to mind issues I have not thought about until now. My GSD owns the rear portion of my Jeep. Permanent anything nailed or screwed down is a No-Go for me. If a dog can manage it, he'll most surely figure a way to hook his toe/s where they do not belong. Ouch! I have the two door JK. Less room in the rear cargo. I might have to consider mounting my frig in my trailer...