(Julmood) My 2016 Nissan Patrol Y61 (GU), SWB, 4.8L I-6, in the Arabian Wilderness!

As my oem spanner doesn't fit inside the bolt holes with the new wheels, nor the offset makes it possible to twist, I went to get some substitutes. I found this tool kit made of chromium-vanadium steel, and bought another long extension for added pressure. Plus got some gloves just if needed. The kit is made by clarke, a British company and feels like premium quality compared to others in the same shop.

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While a huge hurricane in the making coming to Salalah, Oman, I went to fit my android screen ;) Fitted the rear cam above the back large door, and the front cam under the logo up front. Looks nice and good so far. Uses android 7.1 as I'm aware. The USB+AUX socket next to the lighter.

The package

Checking for a shop to fit it

Rear cam above the large backdoor

Front cam


USB/AUX sockets, away from may manual stick!

Wasn't clear so added more pics and a video. The maps need internet, not sure if there is any GPS-based navigation system on Play Store, but that's maybe a downside to some. I personally use Garmin Montana with natural birdeye maps. The system is quite fast with 2GB ram, 16GB HDD, 6.95" touch screen, but the DVD/CD player seems a bit laggy from track to another. So I think I would try USB or store the tracks in the HDD.

Front cam

Rear cam

USB/AUX slots

Downloaded Sygic offline navigator, amazing stuff.

Dhofar Motors Team, associating with Oman Royal Police, ready to help in the upcoming Mekunu cyclone, that is around 2nd degree and might reach 3rd soon.

Did the maintenance for 40K, used liqui Moly 5W-30 this time and of course oem oil filter. But changed the fuel filter as well which is cheap and easy to change, just for precaution as it had some little dirt inside it.

Finished cloning Super Safari headlights! Painted the chrome ones.

Water came in, should be avoidable in the next set, hopefully. It dried out later though. Was testing on a crappy one.