Just an other aluminium truck camper project

Hello everybody,

just want to present my current project - a pickup camper with popup roof and hard side walls, basics are :

aluminium frame - welded, tubes 30 and 60 by 30 mm, 2 mm wall thickness, skin - aluminium sheet metal 1.2 mm, electric system - 300 Watt solar panels, batteries - 100A LiFeYPO4, Katadyn water filter, roof lift with electric driven spindle gear.
Truck : Ford Ranger with 2.5 l 4banger turbo diesel

So now some pics.

first drawing

start welding


first fitting test

lower frame (nearly) finished

unfinished upper frame

lift mechanism with end switch

batterie box

so much for today, I will post more pics and text as the project continues.

bye Werner


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Alright, that does it for my German vocabulary.

Nice job Werner, Looks interesting, keep adding photos.

You can insert the photos

Like this so it is easier to read
thx for the friendly comments, forgot to mention one spindle drive pushes 330 pound at 8 Amp, the motors are rated at 9 amp continous and 30 amp short term!
Here some progress - slow but steady ;-)

first a rolling "chassis" for loading and unloading the camper



start gluing the sheet metal to the frame



bye Werner
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What are you using for insulation? 2.5 TD Ranger? If i recall, Ford offered a diesel in the Ranger for a year or maybe two in the mid 80's. I think they were like a 2.2 with no turbo. Very slow and no one bought them. Your truck looks much newer than those ones, and with the turbo, should handle your camper fine.
Insulation will be XPS aka Styrofoam or Styrodur - 30 and 40 mm, inner walls on the upper lid from Forex (Hard PVC Foam), lower part marine grade plywood. Our Ranger has a 2.5l Turbodiesel, those models are not sold in the US but are very popular here in Europe - 140 HP and lots of torque.
and again some new pics:

door hinge - Tilaband


first test




frame for service door



beside the LiYFePO4 batterie, the water filter and the Shurflowpumpe this box will house the electronics and a 12V compressor