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The Monday after taking care of the rear brakes, I drove my kid to school in the jeep (2 blocks) and it stalled right after leaving the school drive. (yeah, i was really popular just then).
Got it shoved out of traffic and it restarted with no problem. Traced the problem to a faulty relay. Replaced it and no issues.

Yesterday I had some time to cruise around and put the XJ through it's paces... within reason. Got about 30 miles on it with zero issues.

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For the last 9 years my club has been putting on a food drive for local churches and organizations who serve the homeless of our community, called the Flex 4 Food. Basically we break out a RTI ramp and run people's rigs up. Food is provided by When Pigs Fly BBQ and we all hang out and have a good time for a good cause.

I was excited to get the new jeep on the ramp to see how it did... not great, but then I'm not building it for rock crawling. With the sway bar connected I got a 524, the wife's Renegade only got a 328. The event was a lot of fun and a big success in collecting food and cash!

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by Tim, on Flickr

Fresh built long arm kit without shocks
Flexed so much he spit his spring out.
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Why not?
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I am a very lucky man! My lovely wife of 26 amazing years is supporting (enabling) me in my jeep addiction. My new lift will be arriving this week! Pix will happen when I get a chance to install it!

It's good to be loved (enabled)! ;)
So... after a parts conundrum, the lift should be going on this weekend. Last weekend after a crazy work week, I finally got time to install the lift. Popped the boxes open only to discover the leaf springs never made it here.

Email after email bounced back and forth, and finally the replacement lift is getting delivered today.

Looks like it'll be a busy weekend. BD
Love the xj man!! Mine is my baby. Mine was built as a crawler first but slowly making in it into a very reliable overland rig. Drawer system is coming very soon to mine as well.

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Thanks. Nice! Got pix of your rig?

I'm still debating on the drawer system. Not sure I want to add a bunch of weight in the name of organization, and compromise it's capacity. Internal debate... it goes on.

The lift kit arrived today! The box was ripped, but everything was in it. Good times ahead.
That's mine. And ya I have a 2-door and always have the back seat folded down so I would do a drawer system all the way to the front seats and put a barrier to keep the dogs in the back. That way all my gear isn't rolling around/more organized and dogs can be comfy.

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Nice looking setup!

A couple friends and I got together yesterday to install the Zone Off Road 3" lift, now that all the parts had shown up.
Amazingly there were one 2 broken bolts... one on each of the upper back shock mounts.
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"Cheater" lift in the back with an add-a-leaf. Didn't have to mess with the spring or shackle bolts.
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Half way done...
I was tempted to leave it like this for a while just to turn heads, but chose a better path.
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We wrapped up the job in just about 5 hours.
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2 Mountain Dews and only 1 slice of pizza to fuel the job. The lift came together nicely, and the ride is completely different from stock. A couple of the shocks we pulled off were blown to the ride quality was GREATLY improved.