Just bought a 16 JKU


Just bought a 16 JKU Rubicon with 13k on it. AEV lift Ursa top on 35s. Jeep is already fully built. I'm moving from an 11 Tacoma double cab short bed, there are things that wil be strange at first. We were able to get all of our stuff in to the Goos Gear drawers that we has to put in Pelican boxes in the truck. I wont know what to do with suspension that actually flexes. I know that there are no way to get rid of all the noises but i got rid of 90% so far. First big find was the stock jack moving around on the bumps. There is a table on the tailgate that creaks and rattles that im working on ( looking for a composite one now) Barring total crap weather like the snow we just had we will be taking the Jeep this coming week starting Thurs and home in Sat


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Leatning how to pack it is a challenge. It's a new level of Tetris after having mastered tacoma packing


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definitely needs an awning. And some jerry cans, high lift jack, and a shovel/axe combo. :) Oh and a dozen KC Gravity lights.


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Have you compared the current kit to payload yet? Wish we had done that from the beginning. Now we're trying to figure out what all we can take off...

In better news, really awesome mileage for that year. In 2016, we bought our 2014 JKU with only 14K. Fixed that pretty quick.

Recommended books for Overlanding


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Check the cradle(plastic U shaped part holding the tire carrier arm to the tailgate) and make sure it is centered when closing the door. Also check that there is proper tension on the tire carrier. If this doesn’t make the noise disappear check the bolts holding the tire carrier to the frame. Mine is squeaky again and needs attention. Hope this helps. Great find.